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Staying Healthy While Traveling

Updated: May 24, 2019

How to keep your healthy habits during your travels.

We've all been there; you squeeze in a last minute workout and green juice right before you board the plane, only to indulge in french fries and sugary umbrella drinks for four days straight. Honestly, you probably deserve it, so don't sweat.

But if you're here, you might be looking for ways to stay a little more health-conscious during your upcoming excursions. Here are our tips.


Knowing your culinary and beverage options beforehand helps you avoid hasty decisions and peer pressure while you're at the table or bar. Craft your full order prior to arrival and anticipate questions or requests for the waiter ("Can I have a side salad instead of fries?" or "Can you make my mojito without simple syrup?"). Looking at the menu will also get you excited for your upcoming meal, no matter what you chose to eat!


Have snacks you love that you know make you feel good? Bring them along! This will help hold you over when the rest of your crew orders 2 a.m. pizza. Same goes for beverages, alcoholic or otherwise. If you prefer to drink wine over beer, or if you'd rather avoid those sugary umbrella drinks, then ask the host to ensure your beverage of choice is included or bring your own.


Spend 15-30 minutes each day breaking a sweat. That can be in the hotel gym, by walking on the beach, or taking a swim. Another great way to get your steps in: explore! Sightseeing and roaming a new destination allows you to kill two birds with one stone. If you're planning to visit multiple hot-spots in one city, opt to walk or bike rather than taking a car or bus.


Be sure to maintain a semblance of your 'normal life' so your body and mind don't fall too out of wack. Many things feel out of your control while you're traveling but protect those habits you know make you feel your best. Need at least 8 hours of sleep and lots of water to function? Prioritize those essentials, even while away from your own home.

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