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Toned in Transit: 8 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Staying in shape while traveling is a challenge for most. From packing work out clothes to dedicating the time to simply finding the motivation, the odds are against us. And on top of it, travel is a time for us to break away from our routines and be present.

While true, living in the moment and staying in shape aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, they often go hand-in-hand. Here are some great ways to break a sweat without compromising on any aspect of your trip.

Walk Everywhere

To travel is to explore, so skip the bus, train, or taxi and go by foot! Get lost on purpose and you’ll discover so much more. A colorful back street might catch your eye and lead you to more unexpected surprises not listed in any guidebook. These parts unknown often expose you to the most authentic version of your destination and you’ll get a glimpse into how the locals truly live.

As a bonus, when you walk to see the sites and follow your brain’s navigational impulses along the way, you’ll easily cover anywhere from 5-15 miles in a single day without even realizing it!

Sightseeing Runs

One of the best ways to discover a new city is by going on an early morning run. Since everyone will still be sleeping, you’ll have the city all to yourself to uncover the different neighborhoods, take in the sites, and find your bearings while simultaneously getting in a great workout!

And, if you time it right, you can even catch the sunrise over the city as you run--a truly magical moment that only some ever experience!

30-Minute Circuits

Whether you subscribe to a program and create your own, circuit workouts are a great way to get a high intensity work out in a short amount of time. And best of all they can be done anywhere! We love p.volve and aaptiv for on-the-go guides exercise.


Hiking is a fun and challenging way to break a sweat while traveling. If you’re in a city, it provides an escape from the noise where you can breathe in some fresh air and take in the stunning views. Regardless of where you are, chances are there is a hiking trail nearby!


You don’t have to be a “yogi” to incorporate this workout into your travels. Start each morning with a 30-minute flow - you’ll break a sweat, get a good stretch, and clear your mind. You can create your own flows, download an app like Daily Yoga, or find guided flows on YouTube. Whichever you choose, make sure you plan ahead, so you don’t spend time curating flows during your trip.

Like travel, yoga broadens our point of view, while also feeding and refreshing our minds!

And, because of its wide range of benefits, yoga is practiced all over the world, so sign up for a class at a local studio on your travels. You’ll expose yourself to different teaching styles and also connect with the local yoga community--what a unique experience!


These days, most cities have a bike share system. If you feel like exploring your locale freely, but don’t feel like walking, hop on a bike. You’ll be able to see the sites and even discover nooks and crannies while simultaneously getting your heart rate up and burning the glutes.

If your plans involve visiting something a bit further away, forgo the motor vehicle route and opt instead to go by bike. You’ll see more, have the flexibility to explore places off the beaten path, and breathe the fresh air. By making exercise part of your exploration, you won’t even realize you're doing it!

Walking Audio Tours

Take a free walking tour or download a free audio tour on your phone and get your steps in that way! Audio tours are a great way to learn about your destination, without compromising your ability to explore freely. They last about 1.5 hours +/- and provide you with historical insight, fun facts, and sometimes even use your phone gps to call out hidden gems nearby. You’ll be so caught up learning and exploring, you won’t even realize how far you’ve gone!

Water Activities

If you find yourself near the water, take it to the beach and get your exercise while you bronze! Run on the sand, or up the intensity level, and run in ankle-deep water--the combined resistance from the water and your feet sinking into the sand will burn so good.

For more of an upper body and core workout, hop into a kayak and explore any caves, coves, or reefs that might be around. Surfing, swimming, kite-surfing, and SUP are also great water activities that are sure to get your heart rate up.

Fully indulging in your trip doesn’t mean abandoning your healthy habits all together. There are plenty of ways to maintain an active lifestyle while traveling without giving anything up. Take a different perspective towards working out, and you’ll easily find a way to incorporate fitness into your trip that serves you best!

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