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A little bit about us

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A few of our favorites



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We believe in travel, exploration, vacation, and taking time off. Our mission is to make it easier than ever for people to do just that. Four Day Weekend Travel started out of sheer love for travel. After exploring more than 18 countries, 50 cities, and spending countless hours in hotels and airports, we realized it was time to share our knowledge (and passion) with the world. At first, that meant just with friends and family; then it grew to a full-service advisory, assisting clients when taking their trip of a lifetime (or their bi-yearly escape from work + reality). One idea has remained constant - the belief that travel, exploration, and enjoying time away is immensely important. Four Day Weekend is a philosophy; it's a mindset of perpetual vacation; or, at least, perpetually planning a vacation. And with that, we want everyone to feel that having a travel consultant, an advisor on their side, is accessible to them and their trip.

Now pack your bags, and let's get traveling!


Catch me on vacation with an organized itinerary full of exploration followed by a cocktail during golden hour. A healthy mix of adventure and luxury is how I like to roll. Plus, I’m usually seeking out the best places to eat, the most picturesque views, the coolest hotel gyms, and all the rest you won’t want to miss.

Favorite hotel: Palazzo Avino, Ravello

Favorite vacation: Bike trip through the Loire Valley

Travel tip: When in doubt, book in advance!

About Stephanie

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