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Me, Myself, and the World: Navigating Solo Travel

By Cordelia Solomon

We’re firm believers in the power of solo travel, and think everyone should do it at least once in their life. Sure, it’s an intimidating idea at first, but the reward is so much greater than that instinctual fear.

Traveling alone is empowering! In our daily lives, we’re constantly surrounded by noise--both good and bad--and we rarely take time for ourselves to reflect, clear our minds, and challenge ourselves outside of our norms. Solo travel gifts us with the opportunity to discover ourselves more profoundly.

Face Your Fears

Turn off the constant stream of negativity spewing from every news outlet today, and you’ll find that the world is truly a magical, captivating and beautifully complicated place!

Travel is about breaking out of your comfort zone and going beyond the limitations you’ve created for yourself. Take your fears about safety, loneliness, and not having any “back-up” and embrace them. Look at them, instead, as an opportunity to expand your perspective and empower your sense of self.

Our personal rule of thumb is, if you aren’t 100% sure, go! The unknown will always leave you a little uneasy, but will consistently result in the most rewarding and memorable experiences!

Pick the Right Destination

Indulging your wanderlust doesn’t mean going somewhere too far outside your comfort zone.

When traveling alone, you naturally become hyper-focused on your personal safety, so it’s important that you choose a destination where you’ll feel safe. Doing some research beforehand will ease some of that stress. You’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you arrive, ultimately allowing you to be more relaxed and enjoy yourself!

But, don’t be afraid to try something a little uncomfortable once in a while!

Be Open Minded

Maybe you’re not a natural extrovert; something about striking up a conversation with a stranger at a bar doesn’t appeal to you. Well, we urge you to test your limits when you’re in a completely new place, outside of your home town or city. There’s nothing more fun than meeting foreign locals and fellow travelers alike, and sharing experiences, cultures, and perspectives. After all that’s what travel is all about!

Visiting sites, exploring neighborhoods, and trying local cuisine are all a big part of any trip, but interacting with people from all around the world whose paths’ you’d have never otherwise crossed provides an unparalleled thrill.

So, stay open minded and you’re sure to meet fascinating people and have some of the most stimulating conversations of your life!

You Get What You Put In

Immerse yourself in the culture—try unfamiliar foods, venture “off the beaten path”, meet the locals, and walk a lot!

Sticking to “the book” will surely give you a memorable trip, but pushing your limits will enhance it tenfold. Some of the most magical places we’ve come across are discovered by chance, wandering the streets or taking a “wrong turn.”

This doesn’t mean you should be reckless. Be confident, smart, and informed, but don’t be afraid to step outside your normal boundaries--you’ll be surprised to find your locale come to life right before you!


Traveling alone is one of the best ways to discover the world and become more confident and empowered both as a traveler and as an individual. It allows you the space to explore new places and cultures, while also challenging your own perspective in ways that group travel doesn’t.

Take time each day--and at the end of your trip--to reflect on the places you visited and the people you met. You’ll be surprised to realize the profound impact each leaves on you.

You can come up with a million excuses for not traveling on your own, and you’ll always find more. But, we encourage you to stop waiting and jump into what will surely be one of the greatest adventures of your life!

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