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5 Things We Never Travel Without

Updated: May 24, 2019

After countless hours spent on planes and trains, we've rounded up the 5 items that are essential to keeping us fresh and sane during our travels.

Here are our travel-friendly, TSA-approved items that live in our bags and keep us going when we are on-the-go.

1. Face Wipes, Ursa Major

Ursa Major is one of our all-time favorite beauty brands and their Essential Face Wipes have become a staple in our travel bag. After several hours in the air, when we feel dry and oily all at the same time (who is with us?!), we crave a refresh. When we can't hit a shower, there is nothing better than this mini-facial that comes in a perfect package. We love that these wipes are all-natural and seem to be custom-made for people on the go.

2. Water Bottle, Camelbak

We rarely leave the house without our Camelbak water bottle so it's definitely an essential item when we travel. According to experts, hydration is increasingly more important when you're 30,000 feet in the air. Plus, we find that it helps us de-puff and de-bloat when all other elements are against us. "But you can't pass through security with liquids," you say. Most airports and transportation stations now have water fountains where we can fill up. Pro-tip: You'll be saving money on the offensively priced bottled water and saving the planet from plastic.

3. Healthy Snacks, Bobo's

These heavenly bars oat bars are equally delicious, filling, and healthy(ish); our favorite is the Coconut Oat Bar. Made in small-batches out of Boulder, CO, they can be found at most airports and major grocery stores like Whole Foods. We always have one (or two) in our travel bag to get us through in-transit meal times or to split with a travel buddy as a snack.

4. Battery Pack, Mophie

In the digital world we live in it's hard to be disconnected for too long. To ensure we have the means to call an Uber or so that we never miss a photo opp, we rely on our portable charger to keep us juiced up. We've found some surprisingly cheap and reliable products, like Mophie's powerstation plus, that have a dedicated pocket in our travel bag.

5. Laptop

This one seems obvious, sure, but nothing makes us more productive than multiple uninterrupted hours of (sometimes) free WiFi. We love to take advantage of the time in transit to blog, research, answer emails, and get sh*t done!

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