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Custom, curated, personalized itineraries

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Your Trip, Your Way

If you've booked your accommodations via Four Day Weekend (or maybe you even booked yourself) and now you are searching for the best spots to eat, the top sights to see, and where to take the most fabulous photos, then utilize our Itinerary Planning service. We'll work with you to understand how you want to spend your time on your trip and put together an itinerary curated just for you.

The Details

What's Included?

We want you to enjoy your vacation, not worry about the details. So, as part of the Itinerary Planning service, we will book reservations for you (restaurants, tours, airport transfers, etc).

What do you get?

A custom itinerary document that is emailed to you with links, and can be printed out. 

How much does it cost? 

$35 per day planned.

Do I have to make plans every day?

You can select the days of your vacation that you'd like us to plan. It can be the whole trip or just some days. 

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